January 25, 2010

{Muse} Diane Kruger

First, a confession: I have never seen any of Diane Kruger’s films (edit: I just rented Inglourious Basterds). But that doesn't keep me from being completely enraptured by her. The German ballerina-turned-model-turned actress is one of the few in Hollywood that can really pull off high fashion. On the red carpet, Diane possesses the glamour 1940s screen sirens were known for, but she also brings her own unique twist. After all, should we expect any less from the girl who played "the face that launched a thousand ships?"

{Images: 1-2. Elle France, 3- 4.Vogue France, 5-6. T Magazine, 7-9. Elle, 10-11. Vogue Italia}

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