March 18, 2010

Sugar and Spikes

I'm a total girlie girl but for some reason, I'm drawn to edgy jewelry. Perhaps because it hints at exactly what I'm not but want to be - tough and badass. Lately, I've been crushing on spikes and daggers. I love that they can instantly toughen up gamine stripes or add some rock 'n roll cred to plain tees. To pull these pieces off successfully, I would stay away from all black (too goth) and use them to accent more femme looks. It it's still a bit too intense for your taste, soften them up by mixing in strands of vintage Czech crystals or demure pearls.

Blu Bijoux, $38 at Max & Chloe.
Cecilia de Bucourt, $150 at Shopbop.
Ben-Amun, $145 at Max & Chloe.
Assad Mounser, $495 at Otte.
nathan&moe, $98 at Shopbop.
Fallon, $220 at Barneys New York.

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